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Picture Gallery
The images are Reduced in size. Click them to view them in their original size.
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Majoras Mask Screenshots! Click Me

-The rarest and heaviest fish in the pond, the Hyrule Loach! by Brian Beegle.
-Adult Link in Zoras Domian, Unfrozen!
-Young Link recieving the Triforce
-Another picture with Link and the Triforce. Also a AA photo.
-Link playing the Overture of Sages. Another Ariana Almondoz picture.
-Link entering the Temple of Light. This picture is from the infamous Ariana Almondoz Triforce scandal.
-The Triforce on the start select screen
-Adult Link with the Triforce
- This picture is from the japanese version. Thats why youve never been here.
-A close-up of the beta version unicorn fountain.
- this was also cut from the final version. It seems to be a magical wand.
- An animation of link with a special slash technique. cool!
- An old model of what a kokiri kid would look like.
- Its a good thing they changed liks's appearance from this! yuck!
- a seemingly endless road that never made it.
- Another crap picture of the ugly link, with an even uglier shield.
- This is cool. A totally diferent desert scene. He has the forest medallion equipped???
- One word- RADICAL. The triforce is right there link! just grab it! retard! A beta screen...
- Link fights some old stalfos warriors. also ugly...
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